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Leann Johnson, Coach and Mentor of BlackProv

Leann Johnson is a professional Portland based improviser, storyteller, improv coach and host.

Her first foray into comedy began at age 12 when as a loyal fan of Carol Burnett, she performed a solo sketch imitating comedian John Byner imitating naturalist Euell Gibbons for her sixth-grade class.  While her classmates responded with laughter, some to the point of tears, Leann went on a thirty-year hiatus before taking on comedic roles in a variety of community theater productions. 

Leann is trained and experienced in short and long form improvisational theater, both comedic and dramatic. She has performed in improv festivals and shows around the country and in Canada. She also performs locally on venue ensembles and with several independent long form teams.  

Her work converges in storytelling as the host of The Blackonteurs, a show of Black storytellers who perform at local venues and independent gigs. Because of her ability to spin an improvisational story in the moment, Leann was voted Best Host of the 3rd Annual Northwest Black Comedy Festival. In December 2019 she co-wrote and co-performed an original, experimental stage work called Black Woman/White Woman.  Oh yeah, she played Black Woman. 

When not onstage Leann is a “transformational bureaucrat” and an Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology Practitioner, the latter informing her improv coaching practice which focuses on strength-based techniques derived from the I/O Psychology discipline. 

Leann J

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A burgeoning new improv artist in the Portland metro area, John's artistic background hails from Southern California where his artistic foundation lies in choir in high school and musical theatre at college and in the local community.

He then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and further pursued community theatre in Alameda. He completed a run with the former Alameda Civic Light Opera (ACLO).

Most recently John has joined the Portland ComedySportz Pro Team and is taking advantage of the internet to play worldwide. Through his connections with ComedySportz, you can find him in various side projects and productions around the Portland area.

John E.

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Michael B

A Native New Yorker and avid pet lover; serves as a board member for

a non-profit radio station, supports his community, does voice-over work, and uses his improv skills to entertain and inspire.

Michael B.'s great conversation skills help make connections while volunteering at local food banks and other agencies around Portland.

His ability to capture humor in everyday life and being a captivating storyteller led him to perform at a number of Improv theaters over the past several years in the Portland area, as well as doing voice-over projects.

Being a music enthusiast he works to showcase local music and inspire fellow enthusiasts, performing as an improviser and voice-over actor, Michael B. has a passion for volunteer work and supporting the community where he lives.

Michael B. is the owner of three rescue dogs, his humorous interactions with them are featured on Instagram.

Fun Fact: Michael B. was an extra in the final season of "Documentary Now".

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A seasoned improv artist from the Chicago area. Jamie had been interested in theater at young age but didn’t pursue it until later. Taking a few acting classes got his inspiration going again, once he started doing improv it quickly became his is passion.

Jamie has taken on various roles in community theater. One of his proudest moments was when he directed It’s a Wonderful Life.  The play was huge success in community theater and ran for a few years.

Jamie has produced a couple of shows that are currently showing online, MatchProv and Groan Ups. He owes a huge Thank you to ComedySportz for airing these shows! Visit for show days and times. He is also working on other projects soon to appear online!

In his spare time Jamie rides his bike, is a bedroom DJ and is currently writing a screenplay.

Jamie M.

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